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At Joanne Cousineau Avocate, we understand that the events that lead you to consult us are sometimes difficult to go through. That's why our priority is to humanely guide you towards the best resolution in your particular case with relevant and, above all, respectful legal advice.

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The typical Canadian family is rapidly evolving and family law can look quite complex with constantly changing laws. Johanne Cousineau Avocate will be able to explain complicated legal terminology and family laws to make your divorce less difficult for you and your family. Whether it be sharing of property after divorce, child custody or alimony, we're here to help!


In the case of a separation, there are numerous legal details that must be discussed with your spouse. Whether you have shared ownership of a house or other properties, the experienced team of Johanne Cousineau Avocate will ensure that you reach the best resolution without any hassle or worry for a peaceful transition.

Child Custody

Any case of child custody is sensitive and has to be handled with the care necessary to not cause extra stress on the children involved. Johanne Cousineau Avocate is able to personalize their legal service to suit your needs and to ensure your children rights are respected. Our firm puts the interests of your children first and foremost!

Practical And Professional Legal Advice

The legal process in the event of divorce and separation might require you to go to court, but we will always help you mediate your situation to resolve it quickly and without hassle. Trust us to solve your legal problems peacefully!

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